The Trouble with Travels: #xBio 2014 Edition

Apr 18 2014 Published by under Travel

This time of year often makes me crazy.

  • April 25: Fly to San DiegoAirTravel
  • April 26-29: Blog EB
  • April 30: Fly home*
  • May 1: Fly to Washington, DC*
  • May 2: Meeting with American Society of Nephrology in DC
  • May 3: Hang in DC because there is no sense going home for <12 hours
  • May 4: Take train to Philadelphia by 3pm for first event
  • May 4-6: Vision 2020 Congress
  • May 6: Finish Congress and fly home
  • May 8: Fly to Chicago
  • May 9-10: WESH Summit
  • May 10: Finish meeting and fly home
* Please recall that there is no April 31

My spreadsheets for wardrobe planning are going full-time right now. I have to look business casual and/or vaguely professional for at least portions of these events. I have planned my EB wardrobe so it has no overlap with what I am wearing for the next escapade. I will get home, dump the dirties in the hamper, and shove the next trip's stuff in the suitcase, perhaps after a bit of Febreze to keep it all fresh.

Yes, I know I have chosen to do most of this to myself. I really like to travel, but I wish I had a day or two to breathe between some of these events.

Oh, well, if my blogging lightens up after EB, you will know why.

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