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Pre- and post-doctoral researchers run the world of science. Sure, Principal Investigators get the credit, but our students and fellows actually perform the experiments and make the magic happen. At Experimental Biology each year (#xBio is the official hashtag), abstracts from trainees get considered for possible awards, with finalists judged on their presentations at the meeting.

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All of the finalists will present poster versions of their work on Sunday, April 27, at the Renal Section's Posters and Professors Session. This event runs from 5:30 - 7:30 in Marina Ballroom DE of the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina (Level 3 of the South Tower; see the map). In addition to viewing some excellence science, you will get a chance to meet up-and-coming physiologists as well as hobnob with us more senior kidney folk.*

What if you can't make it Sunday evening? Below I have collected the information on the other presentations of the award-finalists' endeavors. Now you have no excuse for missing these amazing works of modern science!




Predoctoral Excellence in Renal Research Finalists


University of California-San Diego & VA
What makes SGLT2 inhibition so effective in lowering blood glucose in diabetes?
Poster Sunday, 4/27:  689.5/A281
Platform Tuesday, 4/29: Room 25B, 9:00


Medical University of Gdansk
Mechanism of purinergic action on glomerular permeability for albumin
Poster Sunday, 4/27:  692.3/A319


University of Arizona
T cell-dependent hypertension is attenuated in female mice during angiotensin II infusion
Poster Tuesday, 4/29: 1136.10/A751


University of Florida
Regulation of NCC and the WNK cascade by the circadian clock protein Per1 in murine distal convoluted tubule cells
Poster Tuesday, 4/29: 1109.5/A544
Platform Tuesday, 4/29: Room 22, 8:45


Medical College of Wisconsin
Mutation of SH2B3 attenuates Dahl SS hypertension via inflammatory signaling
Poster Tuesday, 4/29: 1136.15/A756
Platform Tuesday, 4/29: Room 25B, 9:30

Postdoctoral Excellence in Renal Research Finalists


Henry Ford Health System
Fructose stimulates phosphorylation and trafficking of the Na/K/2Cl cotransporter in rat thick ascending limbs
Poster Tuesday, 4/29: 1109.2/A541
Platform Tuesday, 4/29: Room 22, 9:45


University of Iowa
Acid activates ENaC and enhances salt taste in human subjects
Poster Wednesday, 4/30: 1181.10/W354
Platform Wednesday, 4/30: Room 22, 12:15


Vanderbilt University
A potential role of memory T cells in hypertension
Poster Tuesday, 4/29: 1074.1/A76


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
 Elucidating the role of a renal proximal tubule-specific olfactory receptor
Poster Monday, 4/28: 892.42/A456
Platform Monday, 4/28: Room 25B, 8:30


University of Nebraska Medical Center
Deficiency in NBCe2 causes distal renal tubular acidosis
Poster Monday, 4/28: 891.2/A413
Platform Monday, 4/28: Room 25B, 9:15

Or you can download a Printable File of these presentations in PDF format!

These works look absolutely amazing! All ten of these emerging scientists deserve congratulations, as well as our presence.


*I will provide autographs upon request; no NSFW body parts, please!


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