When I Am Inaugurated: Poetry by @waitwait

Apr 25 2014 Published by under Wackaloonacy

Today, in honor of poetry month (who knew?), I listened to a number of poet interviews on Fresh Air. Many were poet laureates for various states, and a couple had read their work at presidential inaugurations.

I have no plans to run for office. My politics run too far left for a career in Oklahoma. But if it should miraculously come to pass, I would insist on limericks, the only non-Shakespearian poetry I really appreciate, at my ceremony*. I would hire the folks from Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me to write the verse and get Carl Kasell to read the lines.

That's my platform. By November 2016, I may look like a viable candidate based on this proposal alone...


*Of course, if someone figures out how to bring the Bard back to life, I would also feature Words by Will in iambic pentameter!

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  • becca says:

    Carl Kasell is retiring. I saw him live for a taping last month in Kalamazoo- Should you get a chance to see his last hurrah tour, I recommend it.

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