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DemonThe Roman Catholic church rolls out saints on a regular basis, even though I rarely encounter anything remotely resembling saintly behavior in my daily life. However, demonic tendencies seem downright mundane, yet we do not denote it with any sense of shame...or achievement. Today I present my nominees for demons capable of transient possession to help explain some of the bad behavior we encounter on a regular basis. Please add your nominees in the comments.

Declinus Barometrus

This imp possesses my cat just before and during storms, leading her to race through the house like someone is about to bathe her. When excluded from my presence old DB produces howls such that one can only imagine a feline on fire, thus allowing her into the bedroom where she disrupts sleep ALL. NIGHT. LONG. The demon leaves with the thunder, and the cat immediately becomes cuddly as if to make up for her fears. Regular indifference resumes with the first light of day...

Ragius Stockcarus

A less benign devil, Ragius displaces the normally friendly soul of most Oklahomans the minute they slide behind the wheel of a car. Displays at first seem mild, like "rolling" stops or a bit of extra speed through the school zone. Once on the interstate, the full rage and horrible glory of RS can be felt, as normal drivers feel compelled to pretend they are on the Texas Speedway, going for the win. Exorcism of this spirit merely requires turning off the auto's engine and stepping away from the vehicle.

Reviewerus Treyus

Scientists who normally judge others with a fair and impartial mind become unreasonable fonts of minutiae and additional experiments once this bad boy enters their beings. Five years of experiments become mere preliminary data when the eyes are clouded by the third reviewer from the netherworld. If it's your manuscript under review, you better pray that your editor has the power to sense this evil presence, since good judgement is really the only countermeasure.

What other modern demons need to be named?

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