What I'm Watching: Steampunk MacGyver

Jun 30 2014 Published by under What I'm Watching

Murdoch Mysteries have captured my attention for the past month or so. The setting is the late 1890s in Toronto where Detective William Murdoch employs the latest scientific techniques to catch criminals. He is assisted by a young Constable prone to flights of fancy. For example, when they fight a microwave death ray (aided by Tesla, of all people), Constable George Crabtree immediately perceives its commercial potential for food preparation. When reminded of the size of the equipment, he speculates that in the future, houses may have a room dedicated to "potato cooking." On another case, as the Detective maps the potential murder weapons and murderers in a model of a grand home, the Constable sees the potential for a board game in the proceedings.

The series includes strong women as well. The original coroner is a woman, as is her eventual replacement. Various romantic entanglements occur over time, of course. Right now, my interest has been captured by the efforts of the women physicians to distribute information about contraception. Discussing periodic abstinence or any other strategy to plan pregnancy was quite illegal. Yup, these ladies get to see the jail cells from both sides of the bars.

This plot line seems especially important at the moment when the rights of women to control their fertility are coming under fire from so many directions.

The first 3 seasons can be streamed via Netflix; all available episodes can be streamed from Amazon as well.

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