Final Friday Thoughts

Aug 22 2014 Published by under etc

I just read a post about the sexual and racial politics of the latest videos from Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. The author saw waaaaay more in these presentations than I did, although I found both songs and videos entertaining.

  1. "Shake it Off" is pretty much what you would expect from Taylor Swift if you have ever encountered her stuff before EXCEPT it is clearly not a country song.
  2. "Anaconda" may set a record for most phallic symbols in a video.
  3. How do they do that with their butts?
  4. While both tunes are catchy, it is unfortunately the work of Ms. Minaj that has provided today's earworm.

I will be off in a bit to do whatever it takes to get the phrase "My anaconda don't" off of continual replay in my head. I think I pulled a muscle trying to emulate some twerk moves as well.

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