Reap What You Sow

Sep 10 2014 Published by under [LifeTrajectories]

While in my fellowship, I became interested in the role of puberty and sex in the progression of kidney disease. I studied this and related sex differences in the renal responses for more than 20 years. Then the NIH would not, could not bring itself to fund my work. My spouse had a new job offer, and the writing on the wall was clear: I closed my lab and moved into full-time clinical medicine.

From this perspective, I can appreciate NPR's series on the state of NIH funding and folks quitting science. At least I knew my clinical skills made me employable, although at times I dream of running a distillery.

Of course, there is the additional irony of the NIH calling for more study of both sexes, even in basic science studies, earlier this year. Gee, exactly what I was doing that was not important enough to merit funding...and now you are issuing special calls for it. Any regrets, NIH?

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  • Zuska says:

    Well, they say they want to fund more studies on both sexes, but you wanted them to actually do that, without fanfare and issuing public calls for reforming science. Just not as satisfying.

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