#TweetYourBushMeat Ozarks-Style

Oct 28 2014 Published by under General Health

I grew up in Springfield, Missouri, the Queen City of the Ozarks. This town of approximately 150,000 people and some educational institutions (my dad taught at Missouri State) provided a nice city upbringing for me. However, you didn't have to drive too far out of town to find a different world. The movie Winter's Bone was filmed about an hour away in the hollers and old-growth oak forests. The poor there survive like poor people everywhere; they do what they have to do, including hunting for game (and cooking meth as described in the flick). Below is a scene from the movie in which Jennifer Lawrence (in what I consider her best performance so far) teaches her younger siblings important survival skills:

Lucky for Ree Dolly, squirrels are pretty safe to eat; these rodents transmit very few diseases to humans. If she had settled for rabbit, there would be more significant risks. I know a couple who caught tularemia from skinning and dressing a rabbit. While this disease is treatable with antibiotics (unlike ebola), they did not have fun during their illness.

Nobody blamed them for hunting a rabbit and dressing it to eat (although their kids did tease them about their "road-kill" diet).

I know a lot of people who hunt game for fun rather than survival; this, too, is bush meat (even when you mount the head and hang it on the wall).

The main differences from Africa:

  • We do not call our wilderness "bush" in North America
  • The species that roam the woods and fields are different

Please do not judge those in Africa who eat what they kill; it's for survival.

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  • Robert L Bell says:

    Absolutely right. This persistent denigration of bushmeat as something weird and vulgar and dangerous, and totally unlike the noble game that we hunt, has gotten under my skin from the very beginning.

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