Travel Time: #AAMC14 and #KidneyWk14

Nov 04 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

It's that special time of year when two meetings overlap. This year, I get to come home for a bit and repack.

JetI head for Chicago this Thursday for the gathering of the Association of American Medical Colleges (#AAMC14). I fly back to OKC the following Tuesday, and then head to Philadelphia on Wednesday for Kidney Week, the annual meeting of the American Society of Nephrology (#KidneyWk14). I have a spread sheet going to make sure there is no critical wardrobe overlap. When I get home from meeting one, I want only to wash my underwear and then re-pack.

#AAMC14 includes a lot of people interested in career promotion in academic medicine. You may have heard about my book, The Promotion Game (if you haven't, then I have failed). I will be giving away some hard copies at that meeting. You can also win a free copy by signing up for email updates on the web site.

#KidneyWk14 will be a bit sad for me this year. It will mark the end of my editorship of ASN Kidney News. I have loved my 6 years as a magazine editor. Hell, it's that experience that got me involved in social media and blogging! You probably wouldn't be reading this now if I had not had that opportunity. It's time to move on and find new experiences. Who knows where I will go next?

I will likely post about events and presentation from these meetings over the next 11 days. Stay tuned!

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