That Time Again: #NephMadness and #ISpyPhysiology

Mar 04 2015 Published by under Kidney Function

March, that time when our attention turns to kidneys! After all, the second Thursday of this month, March 12* this year, is World Kidney Day. Have you finished your shopping and planned your celebration yet?

LogoMarch also heralds the onset of NephMadness, an exploration of the kidney that pits advances in science and therapy against each other in a bracket format resembling a certain national basketball tournament. Regionals for 2015 came out on Sunday:

Each regional bracket was filled by an expert who provides a discussion of the match-ups, including a lot of background kidney physiology and pathophysiology. Click on over and read these excellent posts. Then click here to fill out your brackets; this year the event includes prizes beyond bragging rights!

What are you waiting for? No one can resist filling out those brackets!

*By the way, March 12 is also the date of my birth, making it a doubly special day this year!


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