Lagging to the Top

Mar 11 2015 Published by under Women in Medicine, Women in Science

For some time I have wondered why women now comprise about half of all medical graduates, yet our leadership remains so...male (and white). A few years back I had the opportunity to found Academic Women for Equality Now to explore this issue, but the level of conversation I dreamed about never materialized there.

Now we have another opportunity.

Next week New England Journal of Medicine, via its online forum, will feature a discussion on this very issue. The discussants are listed below and, yes, I am part of the group:


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Women Physicians in Leadership Roles: Why are we still underrepresented?


Hope Ricciotti, MD
Chair and Residency Program Director, OBGYN Dept, BIDMC
Diane McGrory, MD
Gynecologist, Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Marie Crandall, MD, MPH, FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery, Trauma & Critical Care, Northwestern
Kim Templeton, MD
President-elect of the American Medical Women’s Association
Jana Janco
Member, Governing Council, Women's Physician Section, Delegate to the AMA
Jennifer Carter, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer & Founder, N-of-One
Lanalee Sam, MD
Founder, Elite Obstetrics & Gynecology
Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD
President Elect of the American Medical Women’s Association
Susan Pories, MD, FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Nidhi Ravishankar, MD Candidate
MS2, Windsor University School of Medicine
Pascale Lane, MD
Founder, Academic Women for Equality Now
Lisa Hofler, MD, MPH
Associate, Dept of OBGYN, Emory

So tune in at on March 17 for what should be an interesting discussion!

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