My Daughter's Vows

Oct 26 2015 Published by under [Etc]

My daughter and her spouse decided to write their own wedding vows, something I generally think should be avoided. The length of her notes frightened me, but she said they would be perfect. She kept going on about sea otters, a favorite animal of hers (although sharks always come out on top), and how could anything with sea otters be bad. With her permission, I am printing her vows here:

Sea otters in the Northern Pacific eat, sleep, mate, give birth, and hunt at sea. They are the only member of the weasel family that can live their lives entirely in the water. At night, you can see a group, or raft, of otters holding hands so they do not drift apart while they sleep. They wrap themselves in seaweed to help keep themselves together. Like these otters I often talk to you about (daily), I give you my hand so we will never drift apart.

Ever since I met you, I knew we would be close. It sounds corny, but I knew right away. I have known you for almost half of my life...I did the math. We have gone to the mountaintops, seen the flat plains, and discovered the depths of the ocean together.

I promise to respect, honor and love you for the rest of our lives. I promise to love you in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, and for all the ups and downs. I also promise to be honest, faithful, kind, and to cherish you always.

Most importantly, I promise to be not only your wife, but your under-average cook; camping, kayaking, and fishing partner; your best dive buddy; and your companion always.

I can't wait to have the next adventure with my best friend.

The groom melted, and that's what matters.

Now, if I ever catch up with work, I will blog about science and medicine stuff!


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