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Nov 02 2015 Published by under [Etc]

I do not use all social media platforms equally. I have set some limits on how and who I interact with on different platforms as follows:

  • Twitter:  Anything goes; this is where I hang out the  most.
  • LinkedIn:  If you want to connect with me, and you do not appear to be a spambot, I will accept your connect request.Some folks in industries not remotely connected to my own have provided useful and unique information.
  • Tumblr:  I do very little on this site, mostly posting photos of Pretty Cocktails. I haven't had a visually unique beverage in a while, so don't hold your breath.
  • Instagram:  Most of my photos end up on Twitter rather than here. You can follow me, but it won't be exciting.
  • Facebook:  I limit Facebook to actual friends - people I know from real life or have interacted with at various venues. I will accept as friends work colleagues because I consider them friends. I try not to friend patients; there are things we should not know about each other. I do have a public professional page that includes posts from this blog and other material I find interesting.

In other words, don't be insulted if I turn you down as a Facebook friend. I just don't know you well enough yet.


Yes, I am on G+ but I have no idea if anyone else is. 

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