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Nov 04 2015 Published by under Societies and Meetings

Blog1Tomorrow I hit the friendly skies to head to Baltimore for the annual meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  Unlike most meetings, this one focuses on non-scientific parts of the mission of academic health centers. Teaching, funding, increasing diversity, professionalism - all will be discussed at various points in the program.

The AAMC has been examining ways to shorten the medical school curriculum, in part to reduce debt burden for new physicians. I graduated from University of Missouri at Kansas City, a program developed to do this from the ground up. Immediately after high school, I entered the program and graduated with both a BA and MD in 6 years. UMKC graduates have gone on to success in all aspects of medicine, including academia and scientific research.

So why hasn't this model of acceleration received more attention?

When a call went out for discussion groups during a luncheon, I put this topic in the hat. I am delighted that it was selected! If you are interested in the 6-year approach or condensing the medical curriculum, and you are at the meeting, please join me at 11:45 am this Saturday in the University Ballroom of the Marriott at Camden Yards. We will be at Table 1.

Yes, I will blog about this and other meeting sessions. Expect live tweets as well.

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  • potnia theron says:

    hmmm... I am at a medical that had a significant 6-yr program, but now phasing it out. While there were great successes (like you!) there were also problems. I look forward to hearing about it. I'll follow the tweets.

    • Pascale says:

      Lots of interest in the discussion; we had to push two tables together! We had alumni, current students, one adamant disbeliever, and a European who pointed out that this is the way they had done it forever.
      Someone obviously from your school was there, discussing the phase-out.
      In my opinion, many premed courses are weed-outs (medical doctors really don't use calculus). This seems to me the place where we can eliminate time, not in the medical bits.

  • Established PI says:

    There were quite a few 6- and 7-year med programs started in the 1970s that were gradually phased out. What was the reason for that?

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