Ups and Downs

Mar 25 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

Chronic disease includes periods of relative “health” and intervals of exacerbation. The health problems my spouse and I suffered, until recently, meant taking some medications and monitoring parameters. We always had to remember our limits, like a tickle in the back of our minds, but otherwise life felt normal.

This brain tumor has other ideas. Since March 1, my spouse has spent 7 nights at home. Today I fetched him home again, following a procedure that I hope will keep him out of the hospital for a nice long while.

As hopeful as I am, I know that we are highly likely to achieve inpatient status again in the near future. It’s the nature of the beast for now. I do have new empathy for my patients and their families, especially when an acute illness means ruining a vacation or birthday or other event. 

Good luck to everyone dealing with chronic disease. Even if you are in the relatively healthy, silent phase, you still have to be wary.

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  • Zuska says:

    I'm really, really sorry that this the new normal you are getting used to. There's nothing "normal" feeling about this kind of new normal.
    Of course you will adjust, and of course you'll learn to cope - so what, it sucks so hard that you must do so.

    This is when it starts to get tougher, or I should say lonelier - everyone has gone back to their normal lives and you are stranded in New Normal. Social media can help break some of that loneliness. Hugs & love to you - you are in my thoughts.

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