Welcome to #ExpBio 2016

Apr 03 2016 Published by under EB2016, Uncategorized

San Diego once again proves itself to be an absolutely lovely city. The sun is out, it is 70 degrees, and a light breeze tickles us as we stroll from hotel to convention center. I feel refreshed, both by the locale and a gathering of friends.  The science starts in ernest tonight with the Cannon Lecture when Amira Klip of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto presents her work on muscle-immune cell crosstalk in the genesis of insulin resistance. 

I will be live tweeting her talk using the hashtag #Cannon16 if you want to follow along. If not, I will present my notes/tweets here at a later time. Also be on the lookout for my take on today’s APS Communication Workshop, Setting the Record Straight for Science: How to Write to Local and National News Outlets.

Now I have to put some juice in my phone and get ready for the address. 

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