Truth and Consequences

Apr 26 2016 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma], Research issues

This morning I saw a blurb in one of my newsfeeds about "potential new treatment target for deadly brain cancer."

It was indeed a new study on the cellular biology of glioblastomas, the type of cancer in my husband's head. We just finished the first round of radiation and chemotherapy. The next 4 weeks will be blissfully treatment-free. Instead, we will devote his time to weekly fasting lab studies and a whole bunch of doctor appointments. Oh, and he gets to go to the dentist this week.

This discovery involves the basic cell biology of these cancer cells, and may help explain why they are so resistant to treatment. They interview the author of the study, Dr. Arezu Jahani-Asl, who explains why she chose to study glioblastoma:

"The fact that most patients with these brain tumours live only 16 months is just heartbreaking,"

That's a particularly heartbreaking reminder with which to begin my day.

Keep plugging away, scientists. It's only through your efforts that we have hope. We also have no idea who will find the key piece of information that leads to improved survival or even a cure; it may be someone studying insects in the rainforest rather than a neuroscientist looking at this tumor. That's why we need to fund as much science as we can.

So we all can have hope.

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  • banditokat says:

    Stay strong, Whiz and tell your story constantly. I've seen more cell biology and genetics on glioblastoma in the last 5 years than I saw in 50 before it.

    Struggling with what radiation will do to your body is wretching. Unbelievable what it will do to your teeth.

  • chall says:

    I'm so sorry to hear, didn't know.A member of my extended family has astrocytoma and it's been an emotional time.

    Like you write though, this is part of why I do what I do though. To be able to help, and hopefully find something that will be of actual help for the kiddos who get cancer (i'm in peds now) and their family.

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