A Fine Line

Jul 07 2016 Published by under Random Thoughts

Yesterday I wore a statement necklace to work. This piece composed of faux turquoise and coral added just the right pop to my plain black dress. As the day went on, I wondered where the line fell between what I wore, which was clearly influenced by Native American culture, and cultural appropriation.

Every creative type has inspiration boards with images influencing their current trends. Sometimes these pictures come from nature, but other times they are human creations. The artwork of every culture seems to have had its moment in high fashion.  When I sort my scarves and jewelry, I can see bits and bobs that would fit right into National Geographic.

Of course, I usually limit myself to a single “ethnic” piece. Looking like an extra on a movie lot would generally be in bad taste. But the line falls well before full buckskin, war paint, and feathered headdresses. It’s just hard to know exactly where before you screw up.

If you think my wardrobe item has crossed the line, please let me know why. We need to discuss this stuff in real life, not just ridicule off-duty models and actresses who make their mistakes on a big stage. 

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  • Carrie says:

    Love statement necklaces. Especially with black dresses. I wouldn't overthink it. Leave that for the science 🙂

  • chall says:

    Interesting. I think I've mainly thought of jewellry as more ok, or maybe it's because I haven't thought about it? (privilege)

    Also, when you go to museums and cultural exhibits these are the most easy things to purchase. I think that's why I've never though about it being something inappropriate. I bought a native indian blanket while in Vancouver, by the person who had made it as their ancestors - and some earrings the same way. Would that be more ok than if you purchase it from a clothing store that "just use it" for fashion?

    I think some other items are more on the nose and obvious (like the headdresses) but i would like to know more about the reasoning on jewellry. thanks for bringing it up!

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