Toilet Police

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ToiletLoveFor many years I have ridiculed self-flushing toilets. What problem do they solve? They seem to go off at random, at least on some occasions becoming a bidet in the process. What a waste of water.

Then I overheard this conversation in a public restroom:

Mother: All done?

Child:  Yes

Mother:  No, do not flush. That handle is dirty.

They then left the waste floating while they left. They did wash their hands.

I just wanted to scream at them! How many people will now avoid that stall because it might be out of order? Do you think public establishments have someone who just runs around flushing the toilets periodically? You need to wash your hands anyway after wiping your naughty bits, so touching the flush handle is not going to harm you. If you're that skittish, wrap some toilet paper around your hand and then throw it in the trash before you wash your hands.

This behavior is why we need toilet police, not stalking!

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  • Doug K says:

    I always wondered who the people were that left their waste unflushed - that is an explanation I had not thought of. Mostly I'll just flush for them, then wipe everything down carefully before using the facility: on the grounds that if they are ignorant enough not to flush, they are probably ignorant of many other basic sanitary principles..
    So after leaking their own precious bodily fluids into the toilet, they refrain from flushing in order to prevent contamination of their own precious bodily fluids. Interesting, as my psychologist used to say.

  • Zuska says:

    I am so with you on this. Just flush the damn toilet, people!!!
    I go to see a lot of live music in old theaters & concert halls - less likely to have the auto flushers. Can't tell you how many times I enter a stall someone has just exited without flushing. Where and when did the idea we will DIE from flushing the toilet originate?
    Flush and wash your hands!!!

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