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Sep 14 2016 Published by under Medical Paperwork, Pharmaceuticals

I feel your pain.

pillsA lot of my patients have to deal with "mail order" pharmacies for chronic medications. Often insurers require that these "services" be used. They often present challenges for healthcare providers. Now I have a perspective from the other side of things.

My husband has been on chemotherapy since April. His regimen involves an oral drug that he takes at home, with few side effects. It is expensive, and our health insurance makes us use a specific national pharmacy. He is to get a round of treatment next week, so I called yesterday to ship the next refill. The pharmacy said they did not have the prescription. OK, I contacted the doctor's office, and they called it in (even though they had faxed back the refill 2 weeks ago - yes, medicine is keeping the fax machine alive).

This morning, I called to arrange the shipment. The prescription , given verbally, is still being "scanned in." They cannot verify the claim and arrange shipment until that happens.

Never mind that we only use this service because our insurer demands it. Never mind that we have filled this prescription monthly for 5 months. None of that is adequate to allow them to schedule the shipment. I have to call back in 2 hours. They cannot make a note to ship when approved. No, I have to call again during my clinic. I can't imagine dealing with this "service" without my medical background.

How this level of red tape saves anyone money is beyond my understanding.

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