Facebook Bummer

Apr 22 2017 Published by under [Etc]

The badge on my Facebook app called this morning. Someone had tagged me! But then, the top of my feed provided a Facebook memory from 1 year ago - Jim ringing the bell after completing his initial course of radiation for the glioblastoma multiforme.

That radiation and chemo produced great effects. He was pretty normal over the summer and fall, and we had some great times. Now, of course, that bastard tumor has returned. Chemo and radiation have returned as well.

A year ago, that radiation gave us hope. Today, we must acknowledge that this tumor generally wins the war. Therapy buys us time, and not as much as we would like.

My spouse has insisted that I take my current trip to blog at Experimental Biology. You will see a lot more activity at WhizBang for the next 5 days, and it will be real science blogging.

What a pleasant break from the realities of our life.

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