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Nov 14 2017 Published by under Fashion (or not)

One of the more annoying things are Facebook ads. They pop into your feed, often hard to distinguish from other posts. One brand that kept entering my feed was Rothy’s, a line of shoes.

These are flats made of elastic yarn derived from recycled plastic bottles. They come in a rounded or pointed toe in a variety of colors and patterns. I bought my first pair just before Kidney Week in New Orleans. I wore them twice the week before I left town to make sure they didn’t eat my feet. They then toured several airports and walked a lot of streets and convention center hallways. When I got back home, they smelled a little funky and there was a dark spot on my right toe. I put them in my clothes washer, along with the removable insoles, then let them dry overnight on the counter. They look like new (see the photo after their wash-and-dry).

Yesterday I ordered two more pairs in a fun green and blue plaid as well as a practical beige with black toe cap.

These are not the least expensive flats available, but they are environmentally friendly and incredibly comfortable, as well as machine washable! I will have to let you know about their long-term wear and tear later.

Check them out here.

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