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Green Shoefari

Nov 14 2017 Published by under Fashion (or not)

One of the more annoying things are Facebook ads. They pop into your feed, often hard to distinguish from other posts. One brand that kept entering my feed was Rothy’s, a line of shoes.

These are flats made of elastic yarn derived from recycled plastic bottles. They come in a rounded or pointed toe in a variety of colors and patterns. I bought my first pair just before Kidney Week in New Orleans. I wore them twice the week before I left town to make sure they didn’t eat my feet. They then toured several airports and walked a lot of streets and convention center hallways. When I got back home, they smelled a little funky and there was a dark spot on my right toe. I put them in my clothes washer, along with the removable insoles, then let them dry overnight on the counter. They look like new (see the photo after their wash-and-dry).

Yesterday I ordered two more pairs in a fun green and blue plaid as well as a practical beige with black toe cap.

These are not the least expensive flats available, but they are environmentally friendly and incredibly comfortable, as well as machine washable! I will have to let you know about their long-term wear and tear later.

Check them out here.

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Review: @IconUndies the Pee-Proof Underwear

Jan 18 2017 Published by under Fashion (or not), General Health

I'm a woman "of a certain age" to put it delicately. I have birthed some babies, including my 9 1/2 lb son.

Even with lots of Kegel exercises, a full bladder and a sneeze can leave me with wet panties. And not in a good way.

Pantiliners for such events are fine, but not ideal. They get pretty pricey over time. When I saw an ad for Icon Pee-Proof Underwear, I decided to give them a go (pun not intended, but it works).  The crotch of each pair has a special interior lining that can hold several teaspoons of urine without odor or leakage. They can be machine washed and dried without any problems.

After several wearings, I can report that these undies work as promised. I wear the bikini cut (see photo at right), and I tried one thong. They also come in a hip hugger and high-waist version. Colors are limited to black and beige in my size and styles, but what else do we really need? They do seem to stretch out a bit as washed, so you may need to go down a size.

This company also makes Thinx, the period-proof underwear. I don't need those (the certain age thing again), but I bet they work. The site is full of urine puns and "whizdom." And all their products help support the Fistula Foundation, providing surgical repair of obstetrical fistulas. A fistula is a connection between stuctures, in this case the things that empty out down there. Women in countries without modern obstetrical care often suffer genitourinary damage leading to urinary or fecal incontinence afterwards. Fistulas make my teensy bit of urinary leakage seem like such a first world problem...

I still have some other undies at this point, but they will be replaced by IconUndies as they age and go to panty-heaven. It's fun to be pad-free!

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My New Obsession: @ShoesOfPrey

Aug 12 2015 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Hot weather, blazing sun, a backyard pool, and cold beverages do not promote blogging. You will, therefore, understand how amazing this new site is since it got me to write about it immediately.

Have you ever imagined a perfect pair of shoes? The heels of one but the color of another, perhaps with an accent of reptile leather or leopard calf hair? What you imagine probably does not exist in stores, even if you have the money to purchase any designer out there.

Enter Shoes of Prey. This site lets you start with one of twelve basic shoe types, from ballet flats to stiletto platforms. You then choose from hundreds of materials to make exactly the shoes you want. In addition to varying the uppers, you can change the lining as well. You can add insets and accents and straps. Every single piece on the shoe can be a different material. The base prices vary with model, but they start at $129 for the ballet flats. With enough bells and whistles you could probably get a pair up to $300, but I have not gone there yet.

Needless to say, this can be a very deep rabbit hole to explore.

Designed by Pascale

Designed by Pascale

As a public service, I decided to try out the service. I had a pair of red ballet flats with some raggedy edges. I started with a basic flat and then chose a d'Orsay cutout on the instep. I added a pieced toe but kept it all in the same soft red leather. These beauties came today, and they are lovely works of art.

The site works in European sizes, and they recommended a slightly larger size than other conversion sites. The shoes fit perfectly, so I recommend taking their advice. However, if something does not come out right, the shoes are guaranteed with a 365-day return or remake agreement.

How can you go wrong?

Below is a video explaining more about Shoes of Prey:

Better yet, click on over and start designing your new dream shoes.


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Art & Fashion, Meet Science

Feb 07 2014 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Loving this scarf.

Loving this scarf.

Are you looking for a gift for someone special? Valentines Day is next Friday, you know. If your sweetie wears scarves and loves science, you should give a sciencey scarf from Michelle Banks. Today I am wearing my latest acquisition, Portrait of a Human. Each panel on the 72 inch silk charmeuse scarf shows her rendition of a different cell from the human body.

Below is a better view of the details of the scarf; I wish this photo did justice to the vivid colors.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

What could say "Be my valentine" better than a scarf with a normal ECG, Heartbeat? Neurons and various microbes also adorn silk in this Etsy shop. What if your sweetheart is not a biology junkie? No fears; Michelle produces other wonderful designs with an astronomical flare.

Of course, not all of the world can rock a scarf like yours truly; for the less fashion minded, original watercolors of various designs and other ornaments can be had.

So buzz on over the the Artologica Etsy Shop and buy a colorful piece for Valentines Day or some other occasion. You will not regret it!

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Twenty-Fourteen Travel Begins

Just one week into the new year, and I am already on the road. As I write this post, I await the first leg of my trip to San Antonio for the alumnae group of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine for Women. This every-other-year get-together will give me a chance to learn new stuff, reconnect with friends and mentors, and renew my professional self. 

One topic for this meeting will be fashion and image. Since we would be focused on these issues, I felt compelled to dress the part. This meant some planning via a spreadsheet:


First I identified the key events for each day of my meeting. I then identified the most appropriate form of dress for those events. Since Friday will focus on fashion, it’s the day I want to shine in my nice suit. I do have some meetings on my travel days, but a nice pair of dark-wash jeans with a jacket or cardigan will work for these rather casual gatherings. The other two program days also require business attire, but not necessarily as polished as Friday. By planning items that coordinate with my suit and other accessories, I can maximize my wardrobe flexibility and minimize my luggage requirements. 

Spreadsheets are not just for accountants; they provide a great way to organize all sorts of data. 

By the way, for my friends in the north, San Antonio is supposed to be ~70 degrees while I am there. The deep-freeze should be well out of OKC by the time I get home as well. Not that I would taunt about that…well, actually, I would!

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Friday Fun for Fingers

May 17 2013 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Lately I have been going gaga for nail polish. I have no qualms about how it fits, and nail art scares families less than wild make-up or clothing on their doctor. It's a lot cheaper than shoes as well.

Julep delighted me by creating their Maven program. Julep nail polish comes in 8 mL bottles (drugstore polish usually measures 15 mL), and Sephora is their only retailer in my neck of the woods. Oh, and each bottle costs $14.99,  a fairly hefty price.

To become a Maven, you first take a style quiz that assigns you to a category - Modern Beauty, Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist, or It Girl. I am Classic with a Twist. Each month you get an email showing you your style selections for that month. You can choose your assigned category, a box from another grouping, opt out that month, or even gift your box to someone else. Each month includes 2 or 3 full-size bottles of polish plus a bonus surprise, like nail files, glycolic hand scrub, and other products.

Click to Enlarge the Starter Box

Click to Enlarge the Starter Box

The cost for this goody box is $19.99. You get at least $30 worth of nail polish if sold separately! As an additional bonus, at check-out you can order more bottles of polish at a steep discount. I added a sparkly bronze to my intro box for $4.99.

I like to change up my colors frequently, so I do not mind new small bottles each month. If I find a color I simply must have, I can always buy it again at a discount. So far, I do not see a downside here.

Another perk (yes, more!) are mystery boxes. Each month you can purchase a second box of mystery colors, sight unseen. That box should arrive next week for me.

You also earn points for spending on the site. 2000 Jules (their units) will pay for your $20 box. Referring a friend who signs up as a Maven gets you 1000 points; 2 friends and a month is free!

Classic with a Twist: Natalie and Debra

Classic with a Twist: Natalie and Debra

Everyone needs some fun in their life. For me, nail polish is a cheap thrill, especially at $20 per month. I just finished applying the pinky-coral Natalie (see lower image). I will let you know how it wears!


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Summer Shoe-fari Surprise

May 09 2013 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Only $69.99

Only $69.99
(Click to enlarge)

I clicked on an ad recently, and I could not believe my eyes. Look at this cute sandal.

Substantial wedge with arch support...Check.

Heel height 2.5 inches, well in the range the orthopedic surgeon recommended...Check.

Reasonable price...Check.

So what's the surprise?


Someone finally noticed that traditional Croc clogs are many things, but "attractive" is not one of them. I have a couple of pairs of their flip flops that I live in during the summer. Their molded sole supports and cushions. I wore them the day we walked 11.5 miles (measured by FitBit) up and down the Vegas strip last week. I also keep a pair of Croc ballet flats in my office in case I need to dash across campus on a day when I have made a fashionable but unfortunate heel choice.

I am delighted that I can get that comfortable engineering in something that looks like a normal sandal. They have other models with leather uppers and some strappier wedges on cork soles. Click the shoe photo or this link to see more at the Croc web site. 

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End of an Era

Apr 29 2013 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Several years ago, as a social media newbie, I received a link to a blog post written by Isis the Scientist. The post on science rang true, and I dug through her site.

How had I missed this place? There's another woman out there who does science and loves shoes?

Seriously, wedding Uggs?

Apparently, Isis has found the end of this road, if her blog can be believed.

Who will save the world from Uggs?

After tweeting that thought, I realized that those of us who remain in this bloggy world of #FWDAOTI must step up to fill her shoes, fabulous as they are. To that end, I offer my latest acquisition:

Me Too Kaden Flats (Click for DSW)

Me Too Kaden Flats
(Click for DSW)

These shoes truly go with everything, especially the ankle lengths pants that were all over the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center at Experimental Biology last week. Unlike typical ballet flats, these have a bit of padding and arch support. I picked them up at my local DSW for $49.95, and you can get them online if you click the pic.

I will miss our domestic and laboratory goddess and her bloggy hijinks. I will miss dinner challenges. I may even miss some of the fitness douchery she has promoted lately! I wish her well, and I hope she finds time to continue on twitter.

I mean, really, how long does it take to generate 140 witty characters?

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Congratulations WNTW

Feb 19 2013 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Yesterday I watched a recent episode of What Not To Wear while doing my treadmill time. I was delighted to see Casey:

Casey is a trans woman who gave up her male identity 9 years ago. In addition to having some issues buying for her body, she expressed difficulty showing femininity yet not crossing that line into caricature (AKA Drag Queen). Once again the WNTW crew gave a woman a makeover where she ended up looking like herself, only better.

I am always happy to see fashion take on more diversity. I like to give magazines and shows a hat tip here when they do  a good job.

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Congratulations to Allure

Jan 15 2013 Published by under Fashion (or not)

The January issue of Allure included a series of makeovers of young women in Year Up, a program that provides job skills, classes, and internships. The magazine brought in stylists and gave these participants make up, hair, and outfits suitable for an office. This year, one of their makeovers stood out:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Sorry for the poor photo quality; I snapped that with my iPhone while reading the magazine on my iPad...

Working within the constraints of her dress code, the stylists gave this woman a great but covered look, perfectly appropriate for her banking internship! I love that they have taken on Islamic dress, something US fashion magazines generally ignore.

Bravo, Allure!

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