Giving Thanks

Nov 26 2014 Published by under Kidney Function

Soon we will all sit down and share a meal with family and friends, ostensibly to give thanks for what we have (or at least a day off). As you enjoy your traditions, I want you to give thanks for something else:


The patients I take care of, with various kidney diseases, cannot merely sit down and gorge as they want. After all, it's only one day and one (never-ending) meal. No, they will have to limit some foods, take their medications, and generally live their lives as they do every other day of the year. For some, misbehavior could result in discomfort. For others, a Thanksgiving eat-a-thon could prove deadly.

So when you go around the table and say what you are all thankful for, remember to at least think about functioning kidneys and the ability to pee.

It's great to urinate!

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