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Oct 15 2012 Published by under Donors Choose

Once again, we at Scientopia are taking part in the science bloggers challenge for Donors' Choose. This organization lets donors choose educational projects in public schools across the US. Many are in high poverty areas.

Click for source & more on chick embryos

This year's WhizBANG Giving Page includes a number of worthy science and math projects. I gave to one that will allow science students to study chick development! As a pediatric specialist, I appreciate how complicated and interesting embryonic development can be. I also remember my first experience with it in third grade. Every year Miss Funkhauser brought in an incubator and eggs. We did not get to use an ovascope to look at the embryos, but we had pictures and diagrams of the developing chicks that we could color. Once hatched, anyone with parental permission could take home a chick (my parents said no way; I have finally forgiven them).

Many of the projects are very basic. Subscriptions to periodicals, headphones for computers, and other basic supplies have been requested.

So why are you still reading this post? Click the link above or in the sidebar and GIVE!

You will feel good.

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