How Much Do You Love Urine?

Aug 14 2010 Published by under [Etc], Wackaloonacy

What else would I show here?

First, a big thanks to everyone who has clicked by my new online crib since August 2. I am enjoying the traffic, and I am glad to see actual interaction happening on some posts.

Today is Saturday, a day when most of my loyal readers will be enjoying or despising the weather and a day off of work. What could make that better than the debut of...

wait for it....

you know it's coming....

I can feel the suspense....

drumroll, please....


Yes, you can now show your love of this blog, the Scientopia site, and that golden fluid by plunking down a few bucks for stuff.

Of course, the standard tee comes in yellow.

Instant Classic

And we feature the full range of "hydration vehicles" for your pleasure - coffee cups, water bottles, and a beer stein.

Finally, the shop also offers more intimate garments to protect those bits that let your urine flow.

The WhizBANG! Thong

A small mark-up is included in the prices. Don't worry- I'm not planning to get rich on the blog!  These "profits" will be used to support groups that fund kidney research. After all, I am a Scientopian- collaborative, cooperative, and definitely not-for-profit.

So start shopping - you know you want those boxers!

Toilet image courtesy of PhotoXpress.

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