Four Weeks Later

Jan 03 2011 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

Early December found me preparing to have my varicose veins eliminated. That post includes a photo of my left knee with a large, tortuous vein snaking across it.

Today that knee looks like this:

The arrowhead points to the almost-healed stick wound. I have a dozen or so of these dotting my  legs, and a couple of areas remain bruised. Most important, the swelling and creepy sensations that plagued my lower extremities have considerably lessened.

The disappearance of that lumpy, bumpy vein is a major bonus.

I no longer have to live in compression garments, although I'm still wearing the knee-highs under trousers to keep the fluid in my ankles minimized. In short, I'm very happy with my results.

And ready for skirts and warmer weather!

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