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Jan 10 2011 Published by under [Etc]

I may have been the last person to hear about the Giffords shooting on Saturday.

We took off early that morning to move my first-born to a city about 3 hours down the road. She has a paid internship with a major communications firm, and both parents, her strong, 18-year-old brother, and the doting maternal grandparents drove most of her stuff to the new digs. I would say all of her stuff, but I have found forgotten items since returning home. We then took her out to buy other stuff to furnish the studio apartment, and I finally checked my twitter feed.

Wow! Eventually, I whipped out my iPad, and CNN provided the background info I was missing. I have been to Tucson a few times, and I have friends who live in that part of town. At least the school shooting in Omaha no longer dominates national news. Both incidents make me wonder when the US will turn away from gun culture and enact some common-sense control, although I am not exactly optimistic. The Tea Party seems to favor arming the public like the cast of a vintage John Wayne movie.

At this moment, I watch large, fluffy flakes of snow drifting past my 6th story window. Traffic moves briskly on Dodge to my north, but the snow keeps falling. Omaha has not suffered a blizzard or major storm this winter, so my mood remains better than last year. I find it a bit depressing that snow just started in Raleigh-Durham, site of Science Online later this week. I really hoped the meeting would be a winter reprieve.

Somewhere between the news, the move, and the snow, my will to blog got lost.

I will end with a summary of our bittersweet parting with the eldest sprog. When we drove her to college in 2006 (in another time zone, originally) we all cried. She then transferred to a school in Omaha. Although she had her own apartment, we saw her every week or so for the past 3 years. While I will miss her, I know that this is where she needs to be right now. She needs to find her own strength and her own way in the world. We have done what we can to teach her about life. She has a college degree and no debt, the best start we could give her. I know she will do well. No tears for me this time.

Next August we will drive our "baby" to university. I am saving my tears for that trip.

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