Goodbye, Research Triangle

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The final day of any meeting brings a wide array of emotions, from sad good byes to relief at having enough clean underwear after all. My farewell to Science Online 2011 (#scio11 on twitter) leaves me wondering why I have to wait a full year to do this again.

Never before have I met a group as wired as this one. Never before have I met so many people who love to write about science. Never before have I met so many scientists with such internet presence.

Scientopians were well-represented at the event. Meeting in real life was such a treat, especially those I know only by a pseudonym.

I brought along my devices so I could blog each evening, but real life networking superseded online connections. Sorry, readers.

Next week will bring posts on the meeting, especially the session today on self-marketing. In the meantime, I have to pack a whole bunch of stuff (including the best meeting swag ever) and get ready for a morning flight.

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