Friday Chaos Post

Feb 04 2011 Published by under Blog Maintenance, Wackaloonacy

So today I have taught medical students about the anion gap and cared for patients distributed at two hospitals. I have met with a graduate student, and I have an appointment at 4 pm that I simply must attend.

In other words, this blog is getting the shaft today.

So I am going to draw on one of the tools of the  harried-but-dedicated blogger, and ask my readers to "de-lurk."

You know who you are. Some days I get 300 unique visitors to this humble site. At most 25 of you have commented to reveal anything about your identity, your needs, and your desires as you read my words.

No real names are necessary. Just tell me something about who you are and what you want to see when you click over to WhizBANG!

I triple-dog-dare-you!

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