Live from DC: It's #EB2011

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So yesterday I get a robo-call from United informing me that my 5:25 pm flight has been cancelled. Instead I am on a 3:35 pm Had I wanted to arrive today, I would have booked today.

Instead, United got me on a 3:15 Delta flight yesterday. Now, I got to the airport at 2:15, only 60 minutes ahead of my new flight. I managed to get myself and my bag checked (this is a 9-day extravaganza; even I can't do that carry-on) and on the plane as they called my boarding group.

After the initial rush and panic, the rest of my travel went well. Even the checked bag made it to DC with me. This morning I got some much needed sleep, and now I am getting oriented to the convention center.

My twitter feed will be live from the meetings at Experimental Biology; I have posted before about my difficulties in live-blogging.

Finally, I would like to thank both airlines for getting me here. I may have been a little irritated at first, but everything ended up in a happy place!

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