The Carnal Carnival: PEE!

Apr 15 2011 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

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This month, the Carnal Carnival feature pee! May I present a collection of recent blogs about kidneys and the golden fluid they produce.

First up, Uremic Frost presents an obituary for Edith Helm, the first female kidney transplant recipient. A 20-year-old newly-wed when she found out she had months to live, she underwent the transplant and ultimately became the first transplant recipient to give birth. She died at 76 in her home state of Oklahoma.

Next, we had an unusual event this week, documented by the Renal Fellows Network. The event was presentation of a new predictive equation for patients who have lost at least 40% of normal kidney function, and it predicts the two year risk of end-stage kidney failure with at least 90% accuracy. As the equation was presented at the World Congress of Nephrology, it also got published in JAMA and an app including the equation was released for all major mobile platforms. Very Media 2.0.

University of the Kidney presents a cool video on the dream of organ regeneration. Over at Nephron Power an excellent slide show on cystic kidney diseases can be viewed.

Precious Bodily Fluids considers how fast your creatinine level would rise if someone really removed both kidneys and left you in a bathtub of ice.

Finally, I have to give my Scientific American guest blog another shot-out. Who wouldn't want to reminisce about Paradoxical Polyuria? Ah...good times.

So enjoy learning a bit more about the golden fluid, and try not to pee your pants in the liquor store!

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