Never Say Never: That Gator Will Bite Your Butt

Jun 22 2011 Published by under Fashion (or not)

The past two days passed by in a whirl of air travel, beginning with 4 am alarms on Monday to catch a series of flights ending in Oklahoma City.

At 3 pm my hubby and I became the proud owners of two houses. We hope this proves a fairly temporary condition, at least for the house in Omaha.

After briefly visiting my new campus, I realized how spread out it was. Given that everywhere I need to be is on "a campus," I will need to hoof it a bit more than I do now. A pair of walking shoes in my desk will be in order.

After chatting with several flight attendants, I found these:

Yes, they are Crocs

Yes, they are Crocs, the brand I swore I would never buy. Each shoe weighs in at, perhaps, an ounce, yet they have cushy insoles that provide way more support than any ballet flat I have ever tried. True, they lack the style of a regular shoe, but to stroll to a meeting a mile away they seem just fine. They can also provide a closed toe on those pesky OR days.

As I wrote this post, I found another pair on the Crocs web site that may be "necessary" as well.

Click for link



I really need to see them in real life before I decide, though. Leopard prints can cross the line from fashion-forward to tacky in the blink of an eye.

I am off again tomorrow for the diabetes meetings in San Diego. I will be tweeting from those sessions with occasional blog posts. Stay tuned - there are kidney sessions!

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