Always a New Issue

Aug 25 2011 Published by under Wackaloonacy

One of the fun things about completely turning your life upside down is that something new and interesting keeps turning up. You open a box and say, "What the fuck?"

One recent issue involves my office iFish having to move into the same house as our cat. The first day, Dottie (the cat) sniffed the tank. She then pretty much went away and ignored it for almost 3 weeks.

Trouble brewing

Now she has discovered the fish.

One night she got the lid off the aquarium. Clear packing tape now assists gravity in keeping it in place. Periodically the fish expands its fins and tries to look threatening, but I don't think Dottie is impressed.

I don't think she can get into the tank or knock it over. Just to be safe, I think I will move it to a room I can shut off from our feline resident while we deliver my son to college.

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