Get Off of My Corporate Lawn!

Oct 24 2011 Published by under Feminist Musings

The current Harvard Business Review includes a nice visualization of corporate board composition in the US, along with comparisons to stats from 1987. In general, boards have gotten smaller and older over the past 24 years:

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Yup, white men still rule.

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  • Sxydocma1 says:

    I just attended a workshop about assembling a K award. It was held in a conference room that had an entire wall of pictures of former CEO's of the hospital. When you look at the wall, there were about 50 old smiling white dudes staring back at you. There was one woman - at the very end.

    I can't get the image of all those photos out of my mind. It was so ridiculous - like it was a joke, but it wasn't.

    • Pascale says:

      Those "Halls of Shame" exist all over academia. They really make "the rest of us" feel welcome.

    • marc says:

      My graduate alma matter had a display like that. It was various distinguished professors through the department's history. It almost struck you as satire it was so homogeneous.

      Mind you my current departments current lineup looks that way.

  • D. C. Sessions says:

    Followup: the next chair of IBM will have two X chromosomes. Every little bit, I guess.

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