Dear Joe

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I know you feel betrayed right now. You did not rape boys or pimp them to wealthy donors, yet your job has been sacrificed.

You did the minimum required when you learned of Sandusky's behavior. You reported it up the chain of command; however, you allowed Sandusky to keep the keys to your kingdom, to use your facilities and the reputation of Paterno and PSU for his purposes. Whatever they were.

You performed the minimum necessary, but you continued to associate with a man you knew stood accused of showering in your locker room with young boys on multiple occasions, as well as raping at least one. You knew of rumors and allegations, yet you remained tied to this person. You tolerated his presence.

Now you seem surprised that Sandusky will take you down with him. See, no matter how glowing the rest of your rep may be, this sort of association kills everything you built. The trustees of Penn State get it; the only winning move would have been immediate and unequivocal severing of all ties. What PSU did to you last night, you should have done the minute Sandusky's "tastes" became apparent.

It might have saved some children. It might have saved your legacy.

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  • physioprof says:

    There was no "up" from Paterno in the chain of command that he was part of. He was, by far, the most powerful person at Penn State, far more powerful than the AD, and even the president of the university.

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