Holiday Nostalgia: Bending Traditions

Dec 29 2011 Published by under Wackaloonacy

So I am back at the office today, once again making the world safe for urine. The holidays went well, with both of my offspring returning to the nest for gifts and incredibly fattening food.

We moved into our house in August, so we had a first Christmas here. The new digs accommodated the 12 foot tree and our usual decor. The floor space of the great room is a bit smaller, leading to a change in our Christmas traditions and complaints from the children.

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When I was a small child, I had a book about Santa. The d00d in red complained to his spouse that he made toys all year, but he never got to play with them. Mrs. Claus (obviously the brains in the couple) suggested he unwrap the toys at his final stop and play with them while he had his snack.

Of course, my home always had that honor. Toys were not only unwrapped, but often STILL RUNNING on Christmas morning. Santa barely escaped detection in Springfield, MO, every single year...

Same thing with my own children in Omaha...until this year. With less floor space, Santa only left gifts in stockings-small, but often expensive, gifts in the socks. No iPads or other gizmos piled in the floor. Lots of wrapped gifts crowded under the tree, though.

You would have thought someone got killed.

Of course, when I suggested that our "tradition" would be revived for grandchildren, they decided that toys in the floor were not that crucial to Christmas happiness. Neither of my offspring is anxious to reproduce, and I am profoundly glad that is true for my 19-year-0ld, 1-semester-of-college-done son. If daughter would (1) get real job instead of internship and (2) get married (hey, I'm old-fashioned about legal-commitment-before-reproduction), being a grandmother would suit me fine. But no pressure, kid. Do it on your own terms (you will anyway).

I hope all my fellow WhizBangers had good holidays, whatever form of celebration your solstice commemoration may have taken.

Oh, I downloaded several articles that should lead to posts with medical/scientific/and/or academic themes over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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