#EB2012 #apsACE: My First Storify

Apr 22 2012 Published by under [Biology&Environment], EB2012 Meeting

I attended an excellent session on the need to increase transparency and public outreach in animal experimentation. I tweeted throughout the session, and I have assembled the highlights using Storify. I had hoped to include original observations from others in the room, but most of the other tweets were retweets of me (or the others tweeting forgot to use the hashtag).

I am reminded of the following facts:

  • People are programmed to want the world to make sense
  • Nature abhors a vacuum
  • If there is no story to make sense of something, people will supply their own
  • If you want the truth to be known, you should supply the story

Until scientists supply the stories to justify their research on both scientific and ethical grounds, people will remain suspicious of our intentions. We must reach out to the public and let them see and feel and hear our stories; not hide in a vivarium-bunker.

[<a href="http://storify.com/PHLane/apsace-public-outreach-and-animal-research-toolki" target="_blank">View the story "#apsACE Public Outreach and Animal Research: Toolkit for Investigators" on Storify</a>] 

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