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I spent another weekend (OK, a long, Thursday through Sunday weekend) on the road in Philadelphia. This time I attended the first meeting of a group now called Women Executives in Science & Healthcare (WESH).  This group consists of men and women who have middle- and upper-level management positions in academic medicine and dentistry and public health. As part of our recent rebranding, we developed the following definition:

Integrated network of executive leaders in healthcare & science across the academic health enterprise

We want to bridge the walls between disciplines both within and outside of academia. We hope to attract C-suite women in healthcare: Chief Legal Officers, Chief Medical Officers, and others in healthcare management who do not necessarily have a healthcare or science degree. Managers in biotech and pharma will also be interested in the networking opportunities provided by this group.

The educational portion of the Spring Summit, dedicated to Renewal and Redirection, can be found here. While not the largest gathering of twitterati on the planet, a handful of folks provided enough thoughts to produce this Storify:

[<a href="http://storify.com/PHLane/wesh-spring-summit-2012" target="_blank">View the story "WESH Spring Summit 2012" on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>WESH Spring Summit 2012</h1> <h2>Women Executives in Science &amp; Healthcare is an integrated network of executive leaders in healthcare &amp; science across the academic health enterprise. We held our Spring Summit May 4-6 in Philadelphia, dedicated to our theme, Renew &amp; Redirect. </h2> <p>Storified by Pascale Lane &middot; Mon, May 07 2012 13:23:18</p> <div><a target="_blank" href="http://weshleadership.org/upcoming-meetings.htm">Meeting Program</a></div> <div> <h2>Friday, May 4: Opening Reception</h2> </div> <div>Shopping for our cause. #WESH12 http://pic.twitter.com/kHUfkphGPascale Lane</div> <div>With a nice spread of finger food and wine, we chatted and shopped for our renamed group.</div> <div> <h2>Saturday, May 5</h2> </div> <div>Summit beginning with Janet Bickel addressing Resilience. #WESH12WESH</div> <div>At this stage our careers less like juggling, more like gardening an unruly plot, trying to make it grow. #WESH12Pascale Lane</div> <div>Success and failure are not necessarily opposites. May be self-defined. #WESH12Pascale Lane</div> <div>Janet Bickel addressing our full conference room. #WESH12 http://pic.twitter.com/9uL1PfE9Pascale Lane</div> <div>&quot;No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up with events.&quot; Janet Bickel #WESH12WESH</div> <div>Success = (Purpose x Talent)^Culture - Janet Bickel #WESH12WESH</div> <div>Looking for logic in all the wrong places = major mojo killer. M Goldsmith #WESH12Pascale Lane</div> <div>Next up: Ann Bonham, first female Chief Science Officer at the Association of American Medical Colleges</div> <div>Know that you are always being evaluated. Ann Bonham #WESH12WESH</div> <div>RT @WomenESH: What do you want to be known for? Ann Bonham #WESH12Pascale Lane</div> <div>Power networking at #WESH12 Follow @WomenESH for more info. http://pic.twitter.com/1m8edp8ZPascale Lane</div> <div>After the break, it's time for our presidential address.</div> <div>President Elisabeth Kunkel addresses #WESH12WESH</div> <div>After lunch, we are back to the program</div> <div>Robert Taylor and Karen Novielli discuss hiring, firing and moving people on. #WESH12WESH</div> <div>Great case discussions on hiring and firing issues. #WESH12Pascale Lane</div> <div>Business meeting, open to all registered participants</div> <div>Business meeting now, then dinner. Middle eastern food tonight! #WESH12WESH</div> <div>New president is Elizabeth Travis of MD Anderson. #WESH12WESH</div> <div> <h2>Sunday, May 6</h2> </div> <div>Gen X and beyond by @JenLLane today. #WESH12WESH</div> <div>Great Job today by @JenLLane speaking at the Women Executives in Leadership &amp; Healthcare Conference! #WESH12Philly PR Girl</div> <div>@kevinknebl speaking about linkedIn at #WESH12Jennifer Lane</div> <div>Working on a Sunday is sometimes worth it! Listening to @kevinknebl speak about #SocialMedia at the #WESH12 meeting.Philly PR Girl</div> <div>It doesn't matter what u do, ure long-term success is based on relationships #WESH12Jennifer Lane</div> <div>Social media platforms are communication tools, nothing more. #WESH12WESH</div> <div>Great advice from Kevin Knebl about social networking. #WESH12Pascale Lane</div> <div>LinkedIn is the largest business database in the world. Ur profile is ur business card. #WESH12Jennifer Lane</div> <div>Change ur public profile url to ur name and place under email signature #WESH12Jennifer Lane</div> <div>Add a video showing who u are on linkedIn profile to show experience and who u are #WESH12Jennifer Lane</div> <div>LinkedIn has its own seo build in #WESH12Jennifer Lane</div>Want to know more about WESH or think you might want to join? Click the links and learn more at our brand-spanking-new web site!

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