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Jun 15 2012 Published by under Travel

As you may have noticed, I went offline for a bit while traveling to and from the diabetes meetings. My travels were supposed to end Tuesday evening; instead, I spent an extra day on the road in Houston, Texas.

First, the plane that would take me from Philadelphia to Houston arrived over an hour late from O'Hare. No one seems to be saying why this delay occurred. Once it got there, we boarded quickly and started our journey...sort of. See, Air Force One landed at PHL and backed things up a bit. We were number 35 in line to take-off on the single useable runway.

The only reason I might have made my connection in Houston came from a thunderstorm moving into southeastern Texas. While it did delay the final flight of the day to Oklahoma City, it did not do enough. That plane departed while my flight from Philadelphia tried to find an open gate.

I had already received an email with my booking information for the following day, but I had to stand in line for 1.5 hours for a hotel voucher. I ended up at a very nice Super 8 near IAH at 1 am. (Given the number of tight connections in Houston, I'm adding this place to my directory so I can bypass that line next time; I am willing to pay the extra $20 per night.) I slept, showered, and put my unclean clothes back on, landing in OKC 12 hours later.

Did I mention we had company coming that night? I went from the airport to the grocery store.

My saving grace is that I kept my schedule clear of patients the day after my trip, just in case. Hubby, on a different airline, got stranded in Atlanta and flew in much earlier on Wednesday. He saw patients all day long in his dirty laundry.

When, science, when?

My biggest question right now is why Air Force One flies in and out of civilian airports, disrupting air traffic? Why doesn't the prez use military facilities? Was it because this is a campaign trip or something?

Of course, had the plane been on time from Chicago this would not have been a problem.

When will we have that Star Trek transporter physiology worked out?

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