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Jan 05 2013 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

Astute readers may have noticed a new page here yesterday, highlighted in the image below:


Latest Kidney Health News features a board created in ROCKZi, a service that aggregates content using the blekko search engine. In addition to the usual topic clusters, ROCKZi lets anyone with a Facebook account create a board about anything in less than a minute. The board can then be embedded on your own website, providing content for your readers even when a blog post cannot be contemplated. You can read more about using ROCKZi to embed social news at Problogger. The format allows direct social interaction via buttons that pop up when you mouse over an article, including comments and voting things up (rockz button). The service also provides a bookmark so that articles can be added from other sites to a board.

So far I have one complaint. When you create a new topic board, a list of RSS feeds is selected for you and shown in a column to the right of the board. You can delete feeds that seem off-topic, but I have found no way to add relevant feeds, nor any way to edit feeds after you accept a board. I suspect these functions may come on board in the future, but for now this is a bit frustrating. I know of some great kidney health feeds that should be added, but I cannot do so!

Go play with the new page and my Kidney Health Board. Let me know what you think of this addition to WhizBANG!

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