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A while back xkcd described the up-goer five (a rocket) using only the most common 1,000 words (AKA ten hundred words) in the English language. We now have an Up-Goer Five text editorthat forces you to do the same thing. Here is my description of Pediatric Nephrology using only the most common ten hundred words:

I am a doctor who takes care of children with problems with their parts that clean bad stuff from their bodies. Sometimes we can fix their problems.  Other times we have to clean their blood of bad stuff. Sometimes we put a new blood cleaner part in them.
Blood cleaner parts are very important if you want to live.

Wow. I somehow knew "kidney" would not be on the list. "Disease, disorder" took a bit to come up with problem(s). Turns out "alive" didn't make the top ten hundred either.

Urine, pee, piss, whiz...nope.

Makes transplantation sound simple, though.


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  • AmasianV says:

    "fruit" doesn't appear in the top 1000 either

  • arrzey says:

    Ok... I did it for my field of study (dysphagia or trouble swallowing which can give you aspiration pneumonia, a common cause of death in the very young and very old):

    Eating is hard to do because we have one place for food to go into our bodies and one place for air to go into our bodies. The air place is clean, but food is not clean. If food goes into the air place then we get very sick and can die. This is a problem with babies and old people. Babies need to learn how to eat without food going into the air place. Old people who are sick have trouble getting food into the right place.

  • theshortearedowl says:

    My job is to understand how trees work. I look at how one type of tree turns into another type of tree, over a long, long time, and what makes it so the two different trees can't make new trees together any more. Sometimes the two different trees can still make new trees together, and I want to understand why sometimes they can, and sometimes they can't.

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